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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Little Bit Fancy

**This is today's first Two Scoops Post.  This afternoon, be sure to come back for a post from this month's GDT! :)**

Can an entire paper line be your favorite? *grins*  I absolutely adore by OFF TO SCHOOL by Fancy Pants Designs.  All of it.  So, I flipped and flopped between the Glitter Cuts and the Filter Embellishments as my fav.  I went with the Filters!  After using a little bit of this and that from the collection, I found that I really loved all of the ideas that one could come up with using the Filters.
On the back of the package there is an example of how to scrunch them into flowers, so I figured that I would forgo an example of that and try to come up with a couple of different things.
I used a LARGE filter and created a bottle lid topper...fits the little cappuccino bottles perfeclty!  Fun gift idea and super, super easy
 Then, on this layout, I folded a large filter in half, then in half again and cut into triangles to create some fun and unusual pennants!

I stitched around the perimeter of each one and then distressed them just a bit...I like the way the curl on their own accord...reminds me of shabby chic circus or something similar LOL
I hope you find cool ways to use Fancy Pants' Filters!  You can ink 'em, glitter' em or leave them plain.
Have fun :)


Keri said...

Just got a package of these filters, and love them too! Great unique ideas, love both of them, Shellye!

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Fantastic layout!!!