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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September's Guest Designer: Kristin Tweedale

Hi Alyssa here, and thanks for joining me as I introduce to you our September guest designer, Kristin Tweedale!

Here is a peek at the kit we sent Kristin:

 We're going to start our tur of Kristin's work with a little tutorial.  She made this fantastic hair clip with the Pink Paislee Mistables flower, adn she was kind enough to share how she did it.

Step One: Grab the mistables flower package and cut off the bottom flower, leaving the cardboard attached to the flower. It will be a lot easier to work with the flower if its still attached to the cardboard package. 

Step Two: Grab a non-foam paintbrush and the Glam Glitter paint. Start to add layers of the paint to the flower let it mostly dry before adding more layers. 

Step Three: Once you are happy with the color and coverage let the flower completely dry. The paint will harden the flower. 

Step Four: Use a hot glue gun to add a button to the center of the flower. Now you have a great little hair clip to add to your accessories!

Click on the photo to see all the steps in larger detail.
We'll be back in a few days with more if Kristin's work- you won't want to miss it!

P.S. This is another Two Scoops Tuesday, so check back for another fun tips and tricks post this afternoon.