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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stash Faves - OA Rubber Charms Edition

One of the first things that caused me to fall in love with October Afternoon when they debuted were the rubber charms.  I was devastated when I realized they weren't going to manufacture them anymore after having adhesive issues.  (I'm the kind of person that will just use glue if the adhesive on my items is bad.)

Imagine my excitement when I walked into their booth last January at CHA and saw.......

Rubber charms!
They brought them back.

These are the perfect little accent for cards and they look great on layouts.

And a couple more.....

You can view close-ups in the August Gallery.


Chantal Vandenberg said...

Oh wow - I love what you did with these!!! Fabulous! And me too - I just use glue with stuff-not-so-sticky! No probs!!!

isabel said...

I have issues with my rocket age rubber charms, the adhesive what wet and "disgusting", there is adhesive all over the charms. I have to wash them 4 of 5 times with soap and them with alcool, but they still are "dirty".
Difficult to explain with my "poor" english.
Hope the rubber charms in the new collection have a better adhesive, more "clean".

Erica said...

Hi Isabel

I understand what your saying. The adhesive for these is kind of runny. What I do to get past that is to either peel the rubber charm off and keep the backing on the adhesive. If I can't do that, then I notice that the adhesive comes off and sticks to the backing leaving my charm free of adhesive.

I don't like the adhesive on these charms either but I think they're too cute not to use. I've already told them to just leave the adhesive off because of this issue so its something thats been brought to their attention.

teacher jessy said...

Awesome cards, Erica!! Love them all :)