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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Magnetic Board Tutorial

Sometimes I forget there's a creative world outside of scrapbooking, and I get super focused on
only creating scrapbook layouts.
The other day, I thought that I would step out of my scrappy box, and make something different.
I gathered some supplies I had on hand: A clearance 12x12 scratched frame, spray paint, a magnetic sheet (with a calendar printed on one side), scrapbook paper, heavy duty glue, magnets and assorted embellishments (buttons, flowers, baubles and pins).

Once I had my materials gathered, the rest came together pretty darn easy.
First I sanded and painted the frame. I then slid the metal sheet inside with one of my favorite sheets of scrapbook paper. I made sure not to adhere the paper to the metal, so I would be able to change it out whenever my little heart desired.

Next, I took some of my favorite little embellishments, and glued magnets to the back of them.
I loved how my little magnets turned out so much, that I had to restrain myself from making 200 more(Who needs that many magnets, right?).

I hope you enjoyed today's mini tutorial, and that you're inspired to step out of your own box.
I'd love to see what you create!