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Thursday, September 22, 2011

There's a twine for that!

If you have a Smart Phone, I'm sure you've heard the gimmic 'there's an app for that!' meaning there is an app for just about everything.  And there is.  I've looked for some strange things and found apps for them.

When you shop for your papers, you always look for embellishments that match right?  Do you look for trims too?

I get stuck sometimes on a layout or card and all it needs is a piece of ribbon or twine.  Twine is so versatile though and it adds just the right touch.  As I was filling orders the other day, I was thinking about the twine colors we carry and we can twine to match every line we carry.

Echo Parks Apothecary Emporium?
How about some Black Licorice and Orange twine?

Echo Park Victoria Gardens + Cotton Candy, Lemon, Oyster and Orange.

Echo Park Happy Days - Their latest collection + Black, Cherry, Cotton Candy, Lemon, Green Apple & Aqua Twine.

Fancy Pants Off To School + Aqua, Black, Lemon, Orange, Brown Sugar, Oyster......

How about Little Yellow Bicycle Sweet Summertime + Blueberry, Black, Red, Lemon and Green Apple twine.

I think you get the idea.

Now what about our many other trims?  The ones that aren't a part of the lines?  We carry several selections of May Arts ribbons as well as Maya Road trims.

Check out these awesome selections: