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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Stash Fav: Divine Twine Keeps a Stitch in Time!

I'm lovin' some Divine Twine and Your Scrapbook Stash has a fabulous selection of colors to tempt your palate!
It goes without saying that Baker's Twine looks beautiful tied around a card and knotted into a bow, but here is another simple and fun way to use your twine:
Machine Stitching by Hand
First, remove the thread from the needle of  your machine; you'll be stitching threadless.  
Next, set your machine to the desired stitch and set on the largest stitch width as possible (this is important so that you're allowing enough room for the bulky twine).
I used the "zig-zag" stitch at the largest setting.
Next, thread a large embroidery needle with an ample amount of twine and begin stitching.  If you have the We R Sew Easy piercers, try using those too for even more stitchery looks (YSS has a huge assortment available!)
You may go with along with your intended stitch:
Stitch half of the stitch, or criss-cross
This technique is perfect for adding pockets to mini albums, scrapbook pages and makes a nice accent on card fronts!  The twine adds a unique look to any of your projects.
Here is a card that I made where I wrapped the twine around the card and then tied into a bow.  I also hand-stitched the buttons with twine!
 Have fun with's not just for Bakers anymore :)