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Sunday, October 2, 2011

What do you do with.....

all of those cards?  The ones you created on World Card Making Day?  Or any day?

If you're like me, you use your scraps.  I hate having a pile, folder, drawer or scraps around.  I'm a tosser.  (Ducking as you all throw things at me!)

Or I should say I *was* a tosser.  You can only imagine the supplies I have stashed after 11 years as a crafter and 5 years as a store owner.  One of my crafty resolutions this year was use those scraps.  If I knew I'd use them on another layout, mini book or project, I kept them.  I have a small Cropper Hopper folder that I keep my scraps in.

If it was a one time use paper, I turned around and made a card right away.  Why hold on to it?  Why wait?  I had all of the coordinating items out to make the layout, lets make a card too.  Or two or three!  Whatever I had the supplies for.

So now I have this shoebox full of cards.  Ready to be sent out.  Its getting kind of full and I'm embarrassed to say that I'm not very good about mailing them.  Crafty resolution for 2012?  Maybe.

So I packaged up 50 cards from that box and mailed them out to Operation Write Home.

I'd done this in the past but I always forget.  Now I have a box sitting under my craft desk where I can just toss cards in as I make them.  I keep them simple and follow their guidelines.  Once I have a decent amount, I ship them off.  I try to send about 50 at a time to make it worth my while.  Included is a donations of $13.00 for the postage.  Thats the cost of their Flat Rate boxes that they mail out with over 300 cards in them.

Want to help?  They always need cards.  See their 'desired card list' page.  Make sure you follow all guidelines.

Oh and if you have kids, they have coloring pages the kids can complete and throw in the boxes.  They also send cards to Any Hero, the ones who don't get a lot of mail and these make a great piece of mail for them.

Not a card maker?  You can donate to the cause anyway!  Check out their 'Ways to Donate' page.



Chris said...

A wonderful idea for a worthwhile cause.