Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Welcome Shop Hoppers!

Today is the first day of the Online Shop Hop. I'm sure you're all burning up the internet looking at the great offerings of all the awesome stores.

Here's a little update on what we're doing. We have some fun surprises planned so keep checking back during the Shop Hop to see what we're up too!

Weekly giveaways - You never know what we'll be offering.

Coupon - Save 15% off your entire Stash order by entering the coupon code SHOPHOPPER

Freebies - When you use that code, we will include something free with your order!

Free Shipping on orders over $60.00 (International customers receive free shipping as well - see our shipping table for rates)

Design Team Search - We're looking for one lucky person to join our team. Is it you? Check out our listing on the Pub Calls blog for more information.

Remember, the Shop Hop lasts through 11/16/08.

Need more information about the Shop Hop?

Register here for the latest updates from Scrapbooking Roads.

And there are prizes to be won!
GRAND PRIZE #1 - $250 in gift certificates from participating stores

GRAND PRIZE #2 - $100 in gift certificates from participating stores

GRAND PRIZE #3 - $50 in gift certificates from participating stores

4 GRAND PRIZE #4 - a $25 gift basket from Tinkering Ink

3 BONUS PRIZES - 3 Customers with the largest sales receipt will each win $35 in gift certificates from participating stores

8 FIRST PRIZES$25 in gift certificates from participating stores

6 SECOND PRIZES$15 in gift certificates from participating stores

20 THIRD PRIZESa $10 gift certificate from participating stores

So what is your job? Find the image below and click on it. Its hidden somewhere on our site. You will be taken to a special page where you enter your email address. That is all you need to do to win! Then you can come back to the store and shop our wonderful selection!

Oh! There is also a prize for most money spent! Is it wrong that I would totally be in contention for that prize?

So look for this image:

Click on it and shop our Stash! We look forward to helping you 'stuff your stash'. Not sure where to find the image? Why don't you read a little more 'About Us' to find out where we hid it!

Happy Stashing!


So~Inkin~Cute said...

this is so cool! I am so glad you're participating in this!! I have signed up on the proper website and I'll be looking around your site!!! It'll have to be tomorrow though, because it's way late!

I am so glad to be back at your shop, it's been way TOO long!

Thanks again for everything!

Warm wishes,