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Friday, June 19, 2009

Stickles Storage

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Do you have those glittery bottles of goodness laying around? Don't know how to tame them?

I finally came up with an idea that I love. It keeps them in sight of my work space and the holes unclogged.

I even printed out a list of the colors I own so I can see what I have, what it looks like dry and be able to match colors when needed.

To do this, I added little strips of velcro to the backs of the bottles and the opposite side of velcro to the side of the desk. I organized by color and then hung my list of samples up right below it. I can grab any color I need from my desk as I'm working.

Don't have a lot of Stickles yet? We just restocked a bunch of your favorite colors in the Stash store!


Anonymous said...

what a fantastic idea! tfs!

June said...

that is one cool idea !

Corey said...

great idea!