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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stash Faves - B Sides

I'm definitely not old enough to remember when records had 'B' sides to them but I'm sure some of you are. Those hidden gems on the other side of the records. My parents have a ton of them and they tell me that sometimes, the 'B' sides were better than the hit recorded 
on the 'A' side.
I was thinking about this the other day when I was perusing my storage area for some new products. This is the bad thing about owning your own store. You have the 7-11 of scrapbooking right there! Anyway, I was looking through papers and I couldn't find what I really wanted for a layout. If you're like me, I tend to forget which papers have a second side, or 'B' side.

So once I looked at the reverse of the papers, I was able to find exactly what I wanted!
Here's another one. Ever see the front of a paper and immediately ask yourself 'what would I do With THAT?' Me too. But check out the reverse side.
I find a lot of great background papers this way. Maybe I don't want cardstock backgrounds or I'm looking for something that matches the papers but i
sn't a big bold print...... Check the 'B' sides.
Here are just a few that I found this morning!
SEI Bridgeport and Mimosa papers are very bold on the front but the B side is a nice subtle pattern.
The new Garden Grove line from Scenic Route is full of amazing colors perfect for any occasion.  I'm not a 'flower' person myself but the Houndstooth pattern on the back is begging for me to use it!  See next weeks Stash Fave on 'Cutting Paper' to see how else I would use this paper.
Another funky pattern on the front of the Sassafras Lass papers but the back is a nice, printed brown.  It almost looks like woodgrain.
Not into paisleys and swirly prints?  Check out the polka dots on the B side of this Lily Bee paper!
Hmmm, more paisley.  Not my style but the solid red on the B side is awesome!  A great alternative to trying to match the perfect cardstock.
Last one.....  Unless you have a specific plan for the A side of this paper, you might really skip over it!  But I've used this blue print on multiple layouts and cards.

So, try using a 'B' side!


Wendy Kwok said...

This perspective you shared is TOTALLY AWESOME! I agree with you. The 'B' side can be very useful sometimes!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE "B" sides! :)

hehe... my word is profess. I profess my love for your store! haha

Anna said...

So funny, I just used that last one yesterday on a layout - used the "B side as my background paper.

June said...

I love the "B" sides of papers sometimes more than the "A" sides.