Wednesday, November 2, 2011

To answer a couple of questions.....

We have a couple of questions that keep popping up in emails and blog posts.

Pre-Order - YES, you can still order them.  We do plan on getting these lines in.  We had hoped to have them in before we made the announcement but again, we ran into shipping issues.  Anything listed in the shop WILL come in and orders will be fulfilled.

This is not an end for us.  This is a new beginning.  When one door closes......

Someone asked if the business is still for sale.  Technically yes.  It is for sale.  Someone could buy it and continue running it.  Everything is very easy to take over and I would happily make sure the transition went as smoothly as possible.

Contests - we have two contests running right now:

Contest #1
Contest #2

Both end Thursday night.  We will draw winners before we head out of town on Friday.  We will have a few more contests when we return as well.  This is a happy store closing remember?  ;)  This is our going away party.