Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My beloved Grandma and a tip

In October, my beloved Grandma passed away. I was immediately drawn to my computer to find a photo of her to scrap. The pull was strong and I gave in to create this page. There was only pure emotion in the words, placement and colors.

The pastels from the Glitz Beautiful Dreamer papers and whatnots reminded me so much of my Grandma who loved pale shades of color. The simple beauty was perfect for a page about her.

Looking back on this page, I'm so happy I created it in those initial moments after her passing. I can feel all the emotion and all of the happy memories I have. This was a very new way for me to scrap my photos and one I would do again. I highly encourage you to scrap outside of the box. Scrap something that is very dear to your heart or difficult and treasure the page.