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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Meet Bente Fagerberg

Our second Stash Girl this week.

Bente Fagerberg

Hi there. My name is Bente Fagerberg and I am so delighted to be a part of the new DT here at YSS. I am an exiled Norwegian living near Malmö in the south of Sweden.
I met my Swedish husband while at University in Bergen, Norway. We have now been married for over 25 years and have three gorgeous girls to show for it. They are aged between 10 and 19. We live with our new kitten in a house in the country where we watch sheep outside our window in Summer and right now we have a lot of snow!

I was a SAHM for the best 15 years of my life, and the last four years I have shared a wholesale business with a girl-friend. We sell accessories to ladies shops around Sweden. It is a lovely and independent job!!

I have not made a habit of submitting for publications or other, but recently decided that I would go for it. I had been told by other scrappers that I was good enough to give it a try.
I am very glad I did! I would very much like to be published in one of the scrap magazines. I shall have to start submitting to make that happen!
Lately I have been chosen twice for a feature at The Color Room.

One product you can’t live without: Right now I would have to say painted cardboard. I am having too much fun playing with it! I love all kinds of lovely colorful flowers and other embellishments too.
When are you most creative and why? I work best standing up at my scrapdesk. It's in the family room where I also have a lot of my stash, so I would normally be there scrapping along while the rest of the family watch tv.
I don't mind if it's day or night, as long as I stand at my desk I can scrap any time. It does help to have an inspiring photo though!

Describe your style: Ooh, this is a tricky one...Maybe you could say it's shabby chic. I like to use distressing on my pages. I like paint and cardboard. I love lace, buttons, and doilies. Flowers will generally find their way to my pages as well.
As I mostly scrap for girlsI I tend to use traditionally girlie colours, but sometimes I like to go out of my comfort zone and do something completely different. Mt style is not constant. Even lately I have seen a change.

Other hobbies: I love sewing and gardening. But I don't do a lot of that any more as I am so obsessed with scrapbooking.
Are you a messy or organized scrapper? I would definitely have to confess to being a very messy scrapper. With a work in progress it is mostly very hard (ie impossible ) to see my desk. It is hard enough to find a space for my paper!
3 Random things
- I am crazy about sports - almost all kinds of sports. I love it in Wintertime when there's a lot of skiing on tv. In January I am going to Italy to watch Milan play football.
- After University I only worked for one year with what I had studied! (Macro-economics and statistics,,....see why?...LOL!)
- I love opera!
3 other scrappers/crafters that you admire:
Leeann Pearce
Michelle Lanning
Jaime Warren


Check out her projects:


Kathy said...

So nice to 'meet' you, Bente, and to get to know a little about you. Your work is beautiful, and I am looking forward to seeing more of your inspiration here!