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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lets meet the new Stash Girls!

We'll post them one at a time to give them their own 'space'.  You can also view everyone's Bio on the About Us page.

Danielle Aubroeck

I am from The Netherlands. I'm a wife, mother and student and live to be the best in all.
Scrapbooking is the most rewarding creative hobby that I have and I
can't imagine my life without doing something creative. Documenting
and creating is something very precious to me.
I havent shared my work before and just started my blog, but I'm excited for all to come.
One product you can’t live without: Stickers. I can use them on anything, any time, any where!
When are you most creative and why? During the day when they kids are in school, with a cup of coffee and my favorite music on.

Any other hobbies? I love to cook, travel, be active with my boys and go to the gym.

Describe your style: Layered and colorful!

Do you have a craft room, corner or closet? I have a little space for myself with a desk and shelves. I love my spot! It’s just a small area but I love how its min and mine only!

Are you a messy or organized scrapper? Its in sight so it has to be clean. But boy does that spot get messy everyday! LOL!

3 Random Things
1. I am a real girly girl and love my monthly day "off" to spend without my loud 3 boys doing all things to spoil myself. Eat chocolate, watch girl movies, doing my nails, go shopping etc etc
2. I am very open and sometimes tell to much and I am a soul searching person. I love to go deep within and find things about who I am.
3. I start a new journal each year to document that journey and am really excited to share this with all of you.
3 Crafters/Scrappers that I admire:
Ali Edwards
Elizabeth Kartchner


WillieburgScrapper said...

LOVELY!!! The grid page with the flower and pins is my favorite- so pretty!

Jacqueline Scholtens said...

Great to hear that one of the designers is from Holland. Already love the projects.Succes!

Monique said...

Gefeliciteerd!!! Huge congrats Danielle!!! Love your projects and tried to leave a message on your blog but didn't succeed.

Kathy said...

Hello, Danielle! So happy to 'meet' you here! Your work is lovely, and I look forward to seeing more!