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Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's a Party at Our Place!

Ready for some FUN challenges and interesting inspiration? Well, that's just what we have in store for you during the Stash to Treasure Grand Opening Party!

Stash to Treasure is our sister site offering monthly classes for the lowest cost out there! Every month, a new class is taught by a new teacher, and some classes offer a coordinating kit. This Grand Opening Party, though, is for YOU... subscriber or not!

Here's how it will work: Each day, Monday through Friday, we will post a new contest. Each Monday's contest will be the same type, Tuesday's will be the same, etc. You will have 3 days to complete each contest's criteria and be entered to win. Winners will be announced each Saturday for all contests that have ended.

Now, I know that's a lot of contests. It's also a lot of prizes! Not every day will require a project, in fact, most won't. Many of them you will be able to complete in 5 minutes or less.

Here's what you can expect each day, beginning on 1/3/11:

Mondays: Online Scavenger Hunt
Tuesdays: Create-a-Contest
Wednesdays: Iconic Inspiration
Thursdays: Share a Tip Contest
Fridays: Create-A-Project Contest

Does that sound intriguing? We will share more about how each contest works on the day it is posted. :)

See you in the forum, where all the fun happens!