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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Meet Audrey

Our third Stash Girl is Audrey Yeager.

I am a stay at home mom to 19 month old Charlotte, who is the sweetest little girl! I was formerly a high school biology teacher for 9 years. Hubby and I moved to Texas from New York about 3 1/2 years ago, and hope to get back home to NY soon!!! I love watching movies and going for walks to the park! I listen to hard rock music, and LOVE chocolate covered pretzels!

Publications: "The Big Kid Slide"-Create: Embellish, May 2011;
"10 Words"-Scrapbook Trends, May 2011
Contests (all of the following were contest determined by member votes): Scrapdango "Crowned" winner, March 2010. Trseasured Scrapbooking, "Treasured Hunt" winner, July 2010. Cocoa Daisy "Queen of the Crop", Nov. 2010.

One Product you can’t live without: I LOVE my thin black Zig pen. And my computer....

When are you most creative and why? I am most creative at night, after everyone is in bed!!!! I am definetly a night owl!

Other hobbies besides scrapping? I love photography, of course. I also love going for walks and spending time outside. I love to watch movies and cook and bake.

Describe your style: I would describe my style as contemporary. I like using new trends and ideas and new products. I like my photos to me the focus of my page, and lately I have been spending a lot more time thinking about my journaling before I begin a page. I love the color yellow right now, and on a lot of my pages you will see some doodling, outlining, and journaling with my thin black pen!

Do you have a craft corner, closet or room? One of our spare bedrooms is actually my scraproom. I am very lucky to have the space to use. The only bad part is that there is a really comfy bed in there, and sometimes (if the bed isn't covered with scrappin' stuff), I will lay down to "imagine" and plan some pages. OK, actually, I take a nap.

Are you messy or organized? My room is pretty clean and organized. I have been through many organizational plans over the years, and I am finally feeling comfortable with the plan I have going. I have to clean up my space and put everything back after every project or else I just feel too overwhelmed.

3 Random Things About You:
1. I went to an all women’s college (Wells College)
2. I hate beets
3. I can recite all the words to ‘Pee Wee’s Big Adventure’

3 Other Scrappers/Crafters you admire:

Some of the projects she turned in for the DT Search:


Ronda Palazzari said...

Congrats Audrey! Love seeing your creations!