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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday Faves: Glaze!

Coming soon the YSS Store: Tattered Angels Glimmer Glazes (and Glams). These little bottles of wonder are so versatile.  You can paint with them, use them as resists (so cool!) and so much more.  Here are a few of my favorite colors:

Emerald Cove:
 Mellow Yellow:
I will be ordering a bunch of these, so reserve yours now on pre-order before I snag them all.  :)



Sue said...

Love them TA glams and glazes!

Keri said...

Ditto this, I'm am SO in love with the glazes right now...I definitely already made my YSS pre-order, LOL!
Really excited for Icicle resist, and Wicked and Paradise Pink are calling my name as well. :)

Scrapamum said...

Must haves!!!