Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Flower Border Tutorial

A few weeks ago, I was creating a layout with a really large flower. I decided to cut off some of the petals to make if more size-appropriate for my layout, and I refused to throw away the petals. I just had to find a way to use them. So, for a few weeks, they sat in my scrap drawer. Then one day I pulled them out, and today I am going to show you what I did with them!

1. You will need: flower petals, a 12" x 2" strip of cardstock, some lace or ribbon (the store has several great options. The Prima e-Line flowers work great as well, just fold them in half!) and some kind of DRY adhesive.
2. Fold your cardstock in half lengthwise and apply a strip of adhesive along one side (on the inside).
3. Line up your petals along the adhesive.
4. Apply another layer of adhesive on top of the petals.
5. Close and add your lace or ribbon to decorate.
Now you have a beautiful border ready to add to any layout!

Happy crafting!

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april said...

This is so pretty!! Love it!! You are so creative!

Keri said...

Super super fabulous Alyssa! :)

Chris said...

what a wonderful idea - it's beautiful! I have abunch of petals laying around and I had no idea what to do with them. Thanks!

chenguna said...

Holy COW! What a fab idea!

Martine said...

oh! I love that idea! it's so pretty! gotta remember that one! thanks!

mica said...

This is such a great idea!! I don't have petals but will see what I can do with this technique. Thanks for sharing:)