Monday, February 1, 2010

Tips(Tissue Paper)

Hi, today I want to share a simple technique. Creating textures with tissue paper. Yes.. our simple and humble tissue paper.

1) First I place 1 layer of tissue paper onto cardstock or my pattern paper. Spread it out a bit.
There is no need to use adhesive.

2) Then I paint over the tissue with diluted acrylic paints. When the paint goes over, the tissue naturally sticks to your paper.

3) The end result is you get a nice texture background like this.

4) I like this technique cos it adds interest to a pattern paper and also it can be used as a colour block to mat the photo.

Here are some of my examples: Using yellow arcylic paints
"Little Dreamer"..... using Websters Pages

See the textures!

Another example using Crate Paper :

Hope you like this!


april said...

Great technique, Wendy!! Love your pages, sooo pretty!

Alyssa said...

Great technique! I should did out those Christmas leftovers and try it!

Leah the Orange said...

these are lovely, Wendy! the pages both look GREAT with the tissue paper technique! i remember playing with the stuff in primary school - it was so much fun to get messy! i'll have to bust out the old pieces from gift boxes and play a little! :D