Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stash Faves - Special Edition

I've been hoarding this post for too long but I have to share.

How often do you pass over a line of paper because its 'themed' or more specifically a holiday line?

I'm guilty of it.

I wanted to create a Valentine Banner and Valentines for my son to give away at school this year but I wasn't impressed with the papers covered in hearts and Love words. Nope, I wanted something a little different.

As I was going through the warehouse making room for new products I came across the My Minds Eye Colorful Christmas line. It was full of fun pinks and teals (my new favorite color combination thanks to Elle.)

After a few days of thinking about designs, I came up with these. Nothing special really but would you guess they were made with CHRISTMAS paper?
(Those are crayons in the baggie. I melted old broken crayons in heart molds for the kids.)

I used the same paper line for the banner and added stickles. The school loved it and his Valentines were a hit!
So here is an extra challenge - use themed papers for something other than what they were designed for. Use Christmas papers on a Valentines layout or card, use Valentines paper on an everyday layout. Look past the design and theme. Link up your ideas to this post (post a comment with your link) and we might have some CHA goodies to pass on to you!


Carrie said...

Love the ideas! I really like the crayons too!

Kim said...

I hope a blog post from 15 Nov qualifies. Go here. If you'll look at the 2nd LO in the post, and take a really good look at the background paper, you'll see it's Christmas paper. Look over on the left - see the snowflake? I didn't even NOTICE until after I made the LO. I chose it because I loved the color and somehow, the paper wasn't in with my Christmas stuff.

Wendy Kwok said...

This is very creative.. to use a winter line for a Valentine's Day theme. Cool


this christmas papers did make great valentines cards and banners. i think you need to let your imigination flow when choosing patterned papers. let the colors take overand give even the most unlikley combinations a chance( unless it is covered with santa's). thanks for the excellent example.

LG said...

WOW!!! That is so amazing Erika!!!! LOVE IT

June G said...

Great looking banner. Here's a layout I did with Christmas paper from Pink Paislee. The paper is not too Christmas and works even for boy layouts.

strent said...

(I'm a little late to the party, but wanted to add my comment)

I am moving in 6 months to a much smaller house and have challenged (MADE) my self to use up some of the 1000 pieces of paper I already own instead of buying more!! WOW, this can be really hard to do, but I am really enjoying stepping out of the box too!! thanks for sharing your ideas with all of us. Love the little bags!!