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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday Technique - Using Decorative Tape

Recently YSS brought in some cool products - decorative tape. Today I am going to show you 1 way to use it. I made a card with it.
You will need:
1) Decorative tape
2) Heat gun
3) a sheet of paper
4) Felt (optional) or another white paper
1) First, you place your decorative tape over the sheet of paper. I am making a card here so I cut it to size. I place it across the paper. Press down.
2) Next place your heatgun near the edge of the decorative tape. Let the heat comes to the sides, not over it. (hope I make sense...:)
3) You will notice the decorative tape curl up a little. Now, be careful with your heatgun. The decorative tape will curl VERY fast. Move your heatgun away, if needed.
If you want more curls, heat more..... you will notice the image from the decorative tape stays on the paper. I love this.... it looked like I have stamped on it. That's the beauty! And the curl part gives it some interesting texture.
4) Next, I cut a little cirle out from a white felt. You can use cardstock too. Then I cut a little bit of the decorative tape.
5) I place it over the white felt circle.
6) Next, I heat it. Again it curled up. And now I use my hands to manipulate it so it looks like a curl up circle. Heat till you are happy with the overall look/shape.

Then I assemble this onto a card:
I placed a die cut butterfly onto the circle, to make it pop-up.
Hope you had fun with this!

6 comments: said...

What a cute idea!

Kimmie said...

how how it curled

Anna said...

Okay, that's super cool, and I would've never thought of that!

June said...

Cool tip. Another great use for my heat gun !

Adoncia said...

This is cool! :D

Cori S said...

Great idea!!!