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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Technique - altering Prima flower

Today I am showing you how to alter a Prima Fiesta flower. Love these flowers.

Here's what you need:
1) a plain colour flower
2) inks (whatever colour you like)
3) Sponge
4) Stickles

Let's begin. Dab your sponge on the ink pad and rub it onto the flower. Try to work with little ink first.... build up from there. We want nice layers of ink... not patches... rub it gently... this will spread the ink better... and gives it a better overall look. Imagine we are applying blusher on our face. We dont want sudden patches... we want subtle build up of colours. LOL!

I only apply 1 layer of petals.... not every petal. This is really up to you. Cos I want some white (from the flower) to show.
Then I squeeze some stickles onto my fingers.
And I apply it to the edges. Again... very little. I dont want blobs of stickles on my flower.
Here is the close up shot. You get a subtle glittery effect.
Another look at the flower. See the purple inks showing and the subtle bits of stickles.
Tomorrow I will load in the gallery my LO with this flower.
Hope you enjoy this!


stinkydudette said...

thanks for sharing, wendy!!