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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Using your photos

I know I am not the only scrapper out there with tons of photos. Right? Yeah I thought so. So what my tip for you today is simply using your photos.

I always get 4x6 prints, no matter what. In fact for the longest time I refuse to pay for enlargements or worst getting them in the small prints due to the price. Sheesh, they are ridiculous sometimes. So for many years I made due with my 4x6 pictures. And because I get like a million pics printed at a time to save money, I am left with a ton to scrap.

Being in a DT you have to create pages that make the papers stand out, showcasing them and having to do LO's that are, or you think should be current. I am just like everyone else. I have tried to scrap like the well known scrappers cuz I think they do great pages. Or try to do pages that I think the way I should do my pages cuz its the current trend. Well that doesn't work! You cant be them! You just have to be yourself. It's fine to be current but it has work for you.

So who am I? What is my style? But most of all WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO ME? And that is scrapping your memories. That is why we started scrapping in the first place right? So although I make *ONE* pic LO's or *SMALL* clustered pictures LO's, I am also a 4x6 cram it all creating LO type a gal. I make it work for me and what I need to get accomplish. So let me stop blabbering and show you what I mean.


I have many LO's where this is the main look or style. And in my opinion nothing wrong what so ever. It works for me and for the many pics I have to scrap. I get 3, 4 or 6 of my fave pics and cram them in one page or if more 2 page LO.

I cropped the 4x6 pics to make them fit better and matted the middle pic to make it stand out and that's it. There's 3 pics done and out of my box of pictures. So you don't have to have large pics or the trendy small prints, it's ok!

Get your old 4x6 pics out and scrap them. Get them on your pages! It's not about the current look, trend or being like everyone else. But about the pages you create to remember all those memories.


Laurie! said...

I love what you did with this layout. I usually only work in 4x6 prints, too. Gotta love those special Walgreens photo printing deals.

Bente Fagerberg said...

Love wht you did Michelle. I think it is so true about just scrapping those photos. I too get caught up in what is the katest trend and it all just takes so much lo´nger to do!...
I find I can sometimes get the look I want by cropping my 4x6 real hard if the scene permits.
Because I do love the look of the smaller size.I mostly print them at home and get the size I need.

Sheila Mayden said...

Awesome layout and agreed about your style. I am the same, but I will do a few really great pages in and event and the rest are just so so! Great plan!