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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Stash FAVE! LYB Twig Bag of Feathers

Do you ever see scrapbook supplies you just have to have and then you take them home and you sit there and you stare at it...and stare at it...and stare at it some more and wonder...hhmmm I know I LOVE it, now how can I use it. You know you want to do something special and make it stand out.

Like these awesome Little Yellow Bicycle feathers!

Well here's and idea for ya!

Make a beautiful hair clip!

They are super easy, fast and fun to make!

Here is a close up so you can see the feather sticking up above the fabric flower.

Using your glue gun, a hair clip, with a little fabric, tulle and feathers you can have yourself a cute fabric flower for yourself, daughter or a gift for friends.

So next time, don't just look at your scrappy supplies as a page decoration. Or worst just keep staring at your scrappy supplies. Have fun and create something you wont normally do. Step out of the box and have fun.

Have fun and have a great day!

Michelle M.