Prints On Canvas

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Technique - UTEE

Hi, for today's technique you will need:

1) chipboard

2) Clear UTEE

3) Embossing ink pad/Versamark or Gluepad

4) Heat Gun

5) Your kids' toy (a train or car)

For most LOs including my husband, I try not to go for the girly look. And I try (my best) to add some texture or boyish features.

Here for my chipboard. I paint over them.

Once completely dried, I press them onto the embossing pad.

And I pour CLEAR UTEE over it.

Heat it with a heat gun.

While it is still hot and the UTEE still soft, run a toy train/car over it. we want the 'tracks' marks on the chipboard.

And it will look like this. My train 'track' is not so rough... so I get smooth lines. Which is fine!

And I used it on this LO: my girl went for a bike ride with daddy.

Hope you like it.


Carrie said...

Fun tip and I love the layout!