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Friday, July 31, 2009

So much to update you on......

But first, the winners.  Thank you all SO much for leaving comments this week.  I love to read what you're excited about.  You'll be happy to know that just about everything you are drooling over is going to be in the store.  It should start shipping the first of next week!

So the 4 winners:

Monday comment #13 - Mimmers49

Tuesday comment #3 - Chris

Wednesday comment #6 - Alyssa

Thursday comment #11 - feli

You need to email me to claim your prize!

The mega post is coming tomorrow.  The one with links and more updates.  The photos from the show are uploading now and I'll resize and fix them so they're all pretty.  My internet connection was just horrible down there.  I don't think anything likes to work in that heat and humidity!  :)

Oh and I won a Slice from Making Memories.  I have the funny video that will get posted later.  If you want a preview, you can view it on the MM blog now.  Thats not me winning but you'll get the idea.  Funny stories to follow!!!


Mimmers49 said...

I can't believe I won!!! woo hoooo!!!

Carrie said...

Oh you lucky girl!