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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July Guest Designer - Anna Tremblay

 I am a SAHM of 2 beautiful boys and 2 border collies. I currently live in Bakersfield, California, originally I am from Northern California.  I spent most of my 20’s moving around... I have lived in Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, California and Texas. I am a scrapper who loves Mixed-Media.  I have been at this for 2 yrs now. Before that I was a quilter.  My grandmother taught me how to crochet at age 7, that’s when my craftiness was realized.  I am 38.

1. Contests/Publications - I have never tried.....

2. One product you can't live without?  I am not sure I can pick one..... so I’ll have to go with “Fabritac”.  It’s an adhesive.  I really love how this adhesive will work on any media - paper, fabric, metal, plastic, acrylic, and what I love most about it is that it makes my project very stiff.

3. When are you most creative and why? I am learning that I have to be creative all day - everyday. Otherwise, I fall into a rut, it’s almost like falling off the wagon.  If I am not creating something, then I will be gathering data for a future project. i.e. I have camera in tow.... click, click, click 

4. Any other hobbies? I like to call it motherhood :)

5.  Describe your style. Extremely Eclectic, almost gypsy like.  I am all over the spectrum, I can be cute-sy, traditional, bohemian, vintage, unconventional etc... but most of all I like to try and be edgy.  I’ll try anything, at least once.  :)

6. Messy or organized? Way too Messy!

7.  Favorite color combo?  I live in the moment. I try to listen to what color speaks to me at that very moment.

8.  Favorite manufacturer? It’s a tie... 7 gypsies and Tim Holtz

9. Favorite non scrapbook related store to shop at. A very original answer I am sure...... Target....

10. 3 Random things about you. (one)I am a completely random person. (two) I don’t like pink, but have been known to use it in a layout. (three) I grew up in the Garlic Capital of the World! (Gilroy, CA)  

11. Links to blogs or other online galleries.


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Carrie said...

Love 7 Gypsies too! They have the greatest embellishments!