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Monday, January 12, 2009

Birthday Bash Day 3

Are we having fun? I know I am and hope you are too. When you think of Birthday parties you think of cake,ice cream,presents,streamers,balloons,and Games. Since we have people joining us from all over the world cake and ice cream,streamers, and ballons all got the X but presents got me thinking how could we do presents or goodies for all??? Well we all can take advantage of the Birthday Bash Discount of course and how about a giveaway? Sound good to you? It does to me leave a comment here on the blog today and 1 winner will be announced on Tuesday.
Now onto something I think is fun games we don't get to play pin the tail on the donkey or musical chairs but we do get to have a scavenger hunt.All the answers to the following questions can be found on the main site at Your Scrapbook Stash you may have to read all about us and get to know YSS a little better but its sure to be fun. You have till 9pm EST Saturday to email me your answers at I will draw and post the answers with the Winner name here shortly after.
**EDITED**I just realized I forgot to put Saturday in the post this am.I want to give a few days so all can play along. You have until 9pm EST Saturday.

1 Which Design Team members are most creative at night?

2 Which Design Team members love cooking and baking?

3 Green makes which Design Team member happy?

4 Name 2 Design Team members who have son's? 2 that have daughters?Bonus is Erica's child boy or girl?

5 Which Design Team member was named on of the Making Memory Masters runner ups 2009?

6 How can you contact YSS?

7 What breed of dog is Rascal?

8 What is YSS motto?

9 Where can you find contests,discounts and other news about YSS?

A.Which 3 design team members use their name on their blog name?
B. Which Design Team member has a plane pictured in her blog header?
C.Who's Blog has "Ramblings" in their blog name?
D.Who's Blog is named Capture Moment...Capture Life...?

Bonus question
How many manufacturers are currently in the store?
This question has the possibility of 2 different answers.

Have fun!


Janijap said...

Happy Birthday.. Love your blog

Adoncia said...

Happy Birthday YSS!!!

Alyssa said...

Happy Brithday! I love your blog and store, adn I am happy to see you around for another year! said...

How fun! A Scavenger hunt!

eMeLiNe Seet said...

Mandy this is super FUN!!

Kimmie said...

Im so happy for you! I love this online store! Thanks for a great blog, store and service

Carrie said...

Fun game!

KSackett said...

Happy Birthday....keep celebrating!!

Erika M. said...

Happy Birthday YSS! I love scavenger hunts which means I'll definitely play.

Wendy Kwok said...

Oh Mandy.. this is superb fun! Love the questions..... hmmm I need to guess for some! LOL