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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Birthday Bash Day 2

I have something cool to share with you today. If your anything like me you sometimes have a hard time deciding what to give someone for a Birthday present so you just cave for a gift card. Don't get me wrong gift cards are great gifts. But what if just what if you had a cute little address book, calendar, or daily planner you made yes handmade straight from your heart to give instead of a gift card would it make the recipients smile a bit big? Answer is yes. I love making handmade gifts especially for those I know that have everything and you don't know what to get them while skipping around the Internet a couple years ago I stumbled across these templates that you can download from Maya Road. They have calendars, daily planners, and address book inserts in a few different sizes from 4x4 to 8x8. You can download the templates HERE.AS i was brainstorming what all fun things we could do this week for the Birthday Bash this was at the top of my list and I hope you all will give it a try.

Here is the Address Book I made using the template from Maya Road. Seriously this only took about 30 minutes to make.

Here are the step to use to create the book like I made.

Download the template at MAYA ROAD HERE.

Print as many copies of the template pages you want to include in your addy book, planner, or 12 months for the calendar.I have a new printer so I'm not sure how to print both sides yet but if you do it would be easier and faster then having to glue pages back to back like I did.

Trim the pages down with paper trimmer and round corners.If you haven't printed on both sides this is the step to glue the pages back to back.Punch 2 holes in the side of the template pages.

The outside of the book :When I make books like these I try to recycle something I have laying around like boxes or priority envies.For this book i used a priority envie its a good thickness and you can still fold it.Depending on the size you choose cut the material(chipboard, priority envie, cardboard etc) about for 4x4 I used 9.5x4.5in.

Now choose the pattern paper for you book.At this step you will want to cut the paper down to the longest measurement for my book 9.5in then you double the smallest measurement for my book it was 9.5in again.I then fold the paper and book material in half and make sure the pp is going to cover all the book on the inside covers and outside.the pp you actually will fold twice fold it from top to bottom then fold it in half again from side to side.

Adhere the pattern paper to the book. you can trim or sand the edges if you have some hang over of paper.

Using you template pages center them on the inside back of the book punch 2 holes. To secure your pages in the book you can use ribbon, brads, whatever you choose. I used brads. I usually cover the back of the book where the brads shows with decorative tape or a strip of coordinating pattern paper.

Fun Part embellish the cover, insides, and back however you want.

The calendar pages can be used in a book like a desktop calendar or you can use a sheet of 12x12 cardstock as the base add some pattern paper from you scraps box put the calendar pages in the middle use brads or ribbon to attach the pages. You could use the pages on a layout too. So many different ways to use these templates have fun.

Also wanted to let you know there have been some new arrivals Elle's Studio Valentines Day tags, stamps, and cutouts, Maya Road Valentines Day chipboard minis and stamps are now in the Stash Store so hop on over there if your wanting these items its a great time you can use the Birthday Bash Discount.

Have a great Sunday we are digging out from the snow storm we have had this weekend.


Wendy Kwok said...

Oh Mandy.. I love the templates.. thanks for sharing...

Carrie said...

Love the little book. I will have to try it out for gift ideas