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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Are You Ready to Smooch?

Today I am going to get Smoochy with you. :) Smooch is a "is a pigmented, pearlized paint" and comes in a beautiful collection of colors. It comes in those cute little nail polish bottles, and does somewhat mimic the consistency of nailpolish as it is thinner than your normal acrylic paints. That being said, however, unlike nail polish - Smooch can be moved around like a normal paint. I love using it to enhance all sorts of projects because it can be used on virtually anything. A few ideas for you...

STAMPING: Simply paint your smooch onto your desired stamp, not too heavy, and then stamp your image. Clean-up is simple if you wipe the stamp quickly afterwards with a rag or paper towel. Then use your normal stamp cleaning method, no heavy duty cleaners needed!

FABRIC: Use a light hand when painting on fabric, because the color will bleed. I like to stamp using StazOn ink first, and then filling the image in, or use it like I did below, coloring in patterned ribbon.

GLASS or ACRYLIC: Again, I like to stamp with StazOn here, and then fill in. Using Smooch on glass does take a bit longer to dry, but the effects can be really cool. For a more stained glass appearance, use a light coat. For a thicker, more opaque appearance, use several coats while drying inbetween so that you maintain consistency in the color. 

METAL: It takes a bit to dry on metal, but the overall effect can be really beautiful... for example, take a peek at this close-up from my "Begins and Ends" layout for YSS this month. 

A few more ideas for using that smooch...
WOOD: Smooch can truly enhance the wood color for a fun, quirky, or natural look. Since wood is porous, you may have to use several coats in order to achieve a rich hue, if that is the look you are going for.

POLYMER CLAY: Bake your clay first, so that you don't get any bubbling during the baking process, and then paint just like you would with an other paints. Seal if desired!

WATERCOLOR PAPER: What fun this is! You can either water the Smooch paint down for a lighter version, or use as is.

The possibilities are endless with Smooch because it can be built up for vibrancy, or simply a thin enhancement! So go on and get Smoochy... it is SO MUCH FUN!

xx Heidi

3 comments: said...

Oh man. This is awesome. You and Rhonda both rocked the Smooch this month!

Alyssa said...

Awesome post, Heidi! Thanks for the tips!

Keri said...

Great examples! I use Smooch SO much, but rarely drag out the stamps with them for some reason...gonna do this soon for sure!