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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Altering a Maya Road Kraft Envelop

Have you see the kraft envelops from Maya Road ? They are so fun to work with. They are small enough to use on your layouts or albums. I am going to show you how I altered one of my envelopes to hold a gift card for Christmas.

1. Trace the shape of the envelop flap on your pattern paper. Cut it out.

2. Cut a slit from the edge of the paper to the position where the circle closure. Next cut another slit across in the other direction so that you can fold the paper up as shown in the photo below.

3. Trim around the folded edges so the hole will fit around the circle closure. Glue the pattern down.

4. Next measure and cut 2 pieces of the pattern paper to fit the back part of the envelope.

5. Once again, cut a slit in the paper where the middle of the circle closure resides. Fold the edges up to test the fit.

6. Cut around the fold so the paper will fit the closure.

7. Glue on the pattern paper.

8. I wanted to change the color of the circle closure so I cut some scrap paper to place under the circle closure and protect the envelope.

9. I applied a little distress ink and then sprayed the circle closure with some glimmer mist for some shine.

I've altered the front of the envelope with pattern as well. Here is my altered envelope all ready for a gift card.

Have fun altering.



Carrie said...

Cute idea. Thanks for sharing!

CoreyW said...

that is so cute!

DebL said...

Wow - these look great!

Kimmie said...

how cute.