Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tutorial - using Maya Mist

Ever since I started using the Maya Mist, I've been having so much fun playing with them. If you have not tried them, hop on over to the store to take a look at all the colors.

Here are some simple ways to make use of your Maya Mist.


The first way is to use the mist on cardstock. All you have to do is prepare the cardstock that you want to use before you spray as the cardstock might get a little soft after being misted. At least in my case I find that the cardstock is not as stiff before I applied the mist. Even after drying it for a day it still feels soft.

Remember to protect your work surface before you start using the mist.

Here, I've cut my cardstock to the size I require and cut one side with a decorative scissor before I sprayed on my mist. Let the paper dry before you use it.


The next way is to use the mist on naked chipboard. Painting on the tiny corners of these chipboard take a lot of time but with the mist, all you need is spray it on.

To get good coverage, make sure you spray close to the chipboard.

You can even make use of the chipboard as a mask for your layouts and spray the mist directly onto the paper you intend to use on the layout.


It's easy to create a pattern on paper or any materials that will absorb the ink with your Maya Mist.

First position your mask on the paper (or the material you wish to spray on). In my case I am using the leftover side of my chipboard stickers.

Spray the mist onto the paper. The further the nozzle is from the paper, the lighter the intensity of the color.

You can see from the picture above that the tag has a light cover of green as I held the bottle about half an arm length away from the tag.

Here the green is more intense as the nozzle was very close to the tag. So you can control the intensity of the color with some practice.


To create a ribbon that matches the required color that you are looking for, you can try coloring it with your Maya Mist. First wet the ribbon and lay it out.

Spray evenly all over the ribbon for an even finish or at a angle if you want the gradual color shade.


To the shade of flower for your layout, all you need are some white flowers and your Maya Mist. Spray on one color or mix your colors for some interesting results. The flower on the left is the oringal white flower, the one on the right has been sprayed with pink mist.

Here is another example of the difference when you spray your mist close to the flower (left) and when you spray from a distance (right). The one on the right only has spots of color.


The mist can be used even on fabric. In the picture below, I've used a piece of mesh as a mask and sprayed directly onto the fabric. Heat set the ink before use.

You can play with the effects by trying out different size mesh.

Here, I'm trying to kill two birds with one stone by placing my chipboard letters on a piece of fabric which I intend to mask as well.

Once everything is dry, I have one set of colored chipboard letters and a pretty piece of colored fabric for my use.

It will be fun to mix the colors as well. Try spraying on a second color after the first color has completely dried to see the effect.



So~Inkin~Cute said...

Hi June! Okay, you have sooooo convinced me that I totally need ALL of the Maya Mist colors!

I must say, I did not think that I would have any use for the mist. Nor did I feel as though I HAD TO HAVE it until I read your post! Your post was fabulous!

I love it (the maya mist) and now I HAVE to get some! :)

Thanks so much!


Chok Keun said...

June, great tip here! Thanks for sharing the technique.

Joli said...

Is Maya Mist the same as Glimmer Mist?

YourScrapbookStash.com said...

Joli - they are very similar but less glittery.

I like the Maya Mists a little better - but thats my preference. I also have a surprise coming this week in the store and there will be things you can use the Maya Mists on. :)

RobinV said...

Thanks for sharing all those great ideas. Many I had not thought of but really want to try now.

June said...

Candi - quick go grab some!! Once you start using them, you might be tempted like me to start spraying them on everything.

Chok Keun & Robin - Thank you.

Joli - Maya Mist goes on in one solid color. You can then spray on a layer of gold or sliver Maya Mist for a shine. Glimmer Mist has the gold or sliver already in the mist so you cannot take it out if you wanted it in a solid color.

Wendy Kwok said...

I love Maya Road mist. I like the intensity of colours. Glimmer mist is lighter and possibly more shimmery.
And Maya Road's range of colours is gorgeous. I need them ALL. LOL

Carrie said...

Thanks for sharing all your great tips.