Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tutorial - A really mini album

While trying to use up some scraps, I created this really 2.5" by 2.5" mini album. It doesn't need to much supplies to creat this and it makes a nice gift for Mother's Day or just any day.

Here are the supplies you need to create your very own mini accordion album.:

- 2 piece of pattern paper (3.2" X 3.2") for the front and back cover
- 2 chipboards (2.5" X 2.5") to form the base for the album covers. If you do not have chipboard, you can glue 2-3 pieces of cardstock together to get a thicker base for the cover.
- 1 piece of cardstock (2" X 12") for the inside of the album
- 1 ribbon about 16" long

Center the chipboard in the middle of the pattern paper. Trim off the corners of the pattern paper as shown. Glue the chipboard onto the pattern paper.

Fold the edges of the pattern paper over and glue it to the base. Do it for both the front and back cover.

Score and fold the cardstock for the inside of the album at 2" intervals. You will end up with an accordion as show below. Tape the front cover to the accordion album pages.

Make sure you tape the ribbon to the back cover before you tape on the album page.

You should get an accordion album like this. Now you can start decorating the album.

For my album I printed 9 photos into a 4X6 photo. There is enough photos to cover each page of the album except the first page which I kept for some words.

Here's the album that I made:

I hope you enjoy making your album as much as I did.


Anonymous said...

so cute! I love making that size mini album! :)

Claudia Anjani said...


:: dotz :: said...

so inspiring! I can't wait to try making one of my own. :)