Saturday, May 30, 2009

Guest Designer - Cori S.

Here is a little more about Cori - A little late this month.  That vacation really messed up my schedule!

I'm Cori Solorzano & I have been a crafter since I could properly hold a crayon! I dabble in crocheting, needlepoint, quilting, watercolor paintings, fashion sketches, I could go on & on... but my passion & love is in scrapbooking & card making.

I got started in scrapbooking during my senior in HS, when my senior project was to document my last year as a 'child'. I became a card maker about a year & a half ago, when a friend introduced me to Stampin' Up!  I love learning and trying out new products, especially tools.

My credentials... well, they are not nearly as wonderful as some the other beautiful crafters out there, but I'm trying to gain experience... and having fun! I used to teach and be on the Design Team at Scrapbook USA in Glendora, CA and at the Scrapping Lounge in Montclair, CA.  Thank you Erica for picking me to be a Guest Designer for you! :)

I currently reside in Covina, CA and I am also on the Consumer Board for EK Success... not sure if that is a big deal,but hey! I thought it was awesome!!!

 One product you can't live without.  Just one?!  How about top 3?  I can't live without my Kokuyu adhesive, Stickles, & flowers.

 When are you most creative and why?  I most creative on the weekends, when I can sit all day & just create.  I like to take my time creating, so sometimes all the ingredients will sit on my desk for a few days until an idea comes to me.

 Any other hobbies besides scrapbooking?  I crochet, needlepoint, watercolor painting, drawing, & just overall crafting :)

 Describe your style.  hmmm... I'd say my style is a mix of different styles.  I like simple & clean lines, but sometimes I like to put a lot of "stuff" on my layouts.  I'm also a multi-photo layout kind of gal... I have a hard time just putting one of two photos on a layout, but I'm getting better! :)

 Are you a messy or organized scrapper?  I'm an organized messy scrapper. LOL.  Usually what happens when I'm creating a layout is everything ends up on the table, but as soon as I am done with that layout, I have to clean up... & the cycle starts! haha!

 Favorite color combo?  Oo... depends on my mood.  It changes frequently..  But a class one for me will always be pink, brown & cream.  Love those colors together.  Right now I'm into yellows & blues together... good combos :)

 If you could be anywhere right now?  I would be on an island somewhere, where the weather is perfect, clear water, white soft sand, a strawberry-banana smoothie in my hand, & my closest friends & family with me.  Now THAT's life!  Oh!  & can't forget my camera... & a buffet! lol

 Lone scrapper or scrap in a group?  I do both.  But sometimes alone time is good for the soul.

 3 random things about you.  I was in a sorority in college.  I spent a month in Italy my senior year in college.  When I eat M&M's (peanut or plain), I have to eat them in 3's (LOL!  I know, super weird... but I do)

 Links to any other galleries you may want to share.


Carrie said...

Nice to hear all about you. Luv your stuff!