Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Technique - Customize chipboard

I believe we love chipboard......... and we do have stash of them at home.
Today i want to share 1 way to customize your chipboard - the shabby chic style.

Here is what you need:
1) a chipboard piece (here I use a tree)
2) White paint
3) Paint brush
4) Distress ink (Walnut colour) + sponge
5) Word stamps (here I use a MM magnetic mini word stamps)
6) Brown ink for stamping

First, you pick up some paint with your brush.

Tip: Because we want to use just a little bit, tap your brush (with paint) onto tissue or a piece of paper. We dont want blops of paint... but very little dots of it on our chipboard.

Now, using up and down movement, dab onto your chipboard.
Try not to use 'brushing' strokes... we want specks of paints... not stripes/paint lines.
See, you get little specks on the chipboard. Build up little by little till you like it.
I like it random so I see some raw chipboard colour while some other parts gets the paint.

Next, ink the sides and edges with distress ink. This will give it some definition. Brush it lightly and build from there.

Lastly, stamp the trunk of the tree with word stamps. Whatever words you like.
And to give it a finished look - tie a ribbon with a metal charm.

And I use this on the LO here:


Anna said...

I love it! How cute!

Staci said...

This technique is so cool, wendy! Love how it turned out!!

June said...

great technique wendy!

Pam Hoffman said...

That it awesome!

I'm always happy to learn something new, thank you for sharing,

Pam Hoffman

Michelle Ling said...

Love this! Thanks for sharing, Wendy.

Kate said...

thanks for sharing, wendy!

Carrie said...

Super chic. Now you have to tell us how you did the ribbon.

Natalie said...

Wendy, I love that, I've definitely been trying more distressed looks and techniques on my own, so thanks for sharing another! I love learning new things. Been using the glimmer mist on a project tonight! But I really like what you've done with the chipboard! Blessings!