Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving My Friends

Just a quick note from the Stash reminding you to enjoy this time with your family and reminisce on everything you're thankful for.

I took a break from pictures this weekend. I sat back, relaxed and enjoyed life. This was difficult for me since I tend to try and capture my sons every 'first'. This year was his first Thanksgiving meal. Last year, he had his first few bites of baby food. This year, he used my miniature set of silverware to eat his first turkey and pumpkin pie. A miniature set of silverware that I used as a baby. 30 years ago.

I realized how much he's grown in the last 12 months. Just 365 short days. I'm afraid to blink only to find him heading off to college, getting married or celebrating his childs first holiday.

Today also marks the 10 year anniversary of our first date. Dinner and a movie along with a few games at Dave n' Busters. (Hows that for romance?) We laughed this morning as we looked back at the first scrapbooks. We saw at least one movie a week. We ate chinese food a lot. So you can imagine all of the ticket stubs and fortune cookie fortunes I have glued to pages.

10 years. Thats 1/3rd of my life.

I guess I'm reminiscing a little too much this weekend. I remember being the geeky girl in high school and it seems like it was yesterday. Now, I'm married, I have a son and a house. I have this wonderful business. This was NOT in my 10 year plan.

This leads me to my next project. Ali Edwards creates her amazing December Daily every year and Wendy created this cute 2009 mini book. I love both ideas, so I started another book similar to the December Daily. But its a book about goals for 2009. I'm working on a list of 12 goals for myself. 12 goals for 2009. One for each month. Call it what you want: goals, resolutions......

Okay, I think I'm done reminiscing tonight. I found some cute holiday projects on blogs this week so I'll be posting links this weekend.

Don't forget the sale. Also, anyone that wants the Ali Edwards 'Today You' stamp, it IS sold out. BUT, we will honor the sale price when they are back in stock. Please send an email to to hold your set. We expect them to be in stock again within 10 days. Technique Tuesday is aware if our order and will be shipping soon. An email will be sent to you when they are back in.

Happy Thanksgiving!