Saturday, December 10, 2011

USPS and Product updates

We wanted to give everyone a heads up.  This time of the year presents a heavy load on the Postal Service with the holidays and shipping increasing.

They have also made some changes to their services.  We have already seen these changes and the turnaround times for orders increasing.

Once we ship your package, its in the hands of the postal service.  If it takes a few extra days to get to you, that is something we cannot help.  We ship Priority Mail exclusively for US customers.  International customers can expect your orders to arrive USPS First Class.  This option takes a little longer.  Please allow extra time for those packages to arrive.

Now for the product updates.  Due to an issue in the shipping department at KI Memories, our order for their lines was not cancelled.  We had ordered all of their CHA Summer lines but found out in Late October that they were most likely NOT shipping die to production errors.  They could not guarantee that they would arrive in time.

So our orders were cancelled for the following lines:

Good Folk
Holly Lane
Hot Date

Well, a box arrived today with product in it from the Hot Date line.  Since we did not expect to receive this, we never added it to the shop.  Since we DID get it, its now in the NEW section.  This is an extremely FUN line and we think you'll enjoy it.