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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

SMASH Book Challenge

This is a big one.  You should have your Smash books by now and if not, they are on the way to you.  We have shipped all pre-orders now.

I want to know what you're doing with them.  Its time for a Smash book Show and Tell.

You have until June 30th to post links to pages in your Smash book on THIS post for a chance to win some serious Stash Cash and a Prize Pack.   We will pick two random winners from everyone that joins in.

Here are the rules.

1. Must be your original work.

2. Smash books can be the actual EK Success Smash books OR a handmade Smash book.

3.  Handmade Smash Journals can be bound any way you want.  (Office Supply Binding, O-Wires/Bind it All, Cinch, rings etc.)

4. All entries must be posted in the comments of this blog post (the one you're reading now.)  Your comment must contain a link directly to your Smash book.  If its on your blog, it must be directly to that blog post.  If its in a Gallery, it must link to your Gallery posting.   If you do not have a blog, you may post them in our User Gallery and link them up here.

5.  Entries must be posted no later than midnight PST on June 30th.  We will announce winners on July 1st.

6. Anyone can enter.

7.  Books can be any size and contain any line or combination of lines.

8.  If you are waiting for the 'real' Smash books, we have a reorder that will be on or around June 10th.  You will get them in time to participate.

Prize Pack will consist of some of the brand NEW Smash items (release in early July) and a gift certificate to the store.

Have fun!


Scrapamum said...

oooo I hope my Smash book gets here real soon!!!! So much fun!

Unknown said...

GET THE HECK OUT OF TOWN!!! I actually was sharing this today on my blog! SQUEAL now I'm even more excited! -

Samantha said...

woo hoo, count me in!

Karen said...

I will be doing mine tomorrow and this week - question, must it be filled with smash??? or do you just want the book prepared for the smashing (hehehe) Thank you for your input on this... kb

Sherry Eckblad said...

I have been smashing for about a week now and not sure if I am doing it correctly but love how it is turning out.

Leslie - lilkoala3 said...

I was a little scared to start my first page, so thanks for the motivtion. I couldn't have done it without you. Well, I could have, but it may have taken a few months!

Sherry Eckblad said...

here is the link to my smashbook.

Nitasha said...

Thanks for this awesome challenge! Here's the link to mine:

Unknown said...

Here is something else that i just started to do in my SMASH book. It makes me think when I was younger and in school & instead of paying attention what were we doing : LOVE my SMASH book!

Karen Bahit said...

My link to my smashbook is: I do hope that it posts this time to the blog. Good luck everyone!!!!

Karen Bahit said...
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