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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stash to Treasure Questions (and Answers!)

**Please scroll down for all the info on the Travel Album Class Kit**

Hello, ladies!  Because of all your wonderful comments and questions in yesterdays post, I decided to move the schedule up a day and answer as many questions as possible today.  (isn't that nice of me?  :))  So, first up is the FAQ's.  My next post will be the October class details!

Q. What inspired you to start Stash to Treasure?
A. Both of us (Erica and Alyssa) have many years experience in the scrapbook industry.  When we started discussing classes and the feedback we were getting from customers and other scrappers, it became obvious that there wasn't much content that was meeting two specific needs: (1) affordable classes for those who don't want kits, and (2) high-quality class materials available to anyone, anywhere.  So, Stash to Treasure was born to meet those needs.

Q; How do subscriptions work?
A: We have 3 different options for you (1 month, 3 months, or 6 months).  With each option, your monthly payment of just $5 will be deducted from your PayPal account, for as long as the subscription that you choose.  At the end of your subscription, you get to choose a new option (or the same one) and sign up again!  

Q. Why should I choose the 6-month option?
A: If you choose the 6-month option, you will receive $5 in Stash Cash to deduct from your next order.  It's like getting one month free!

Q: Do you offer the option to "skip a class?"
A: Not at this time.  We do offer month-to-month subscriptions, so if you want to decide about each class as it is announced, just subscribe using the one month option.
Q. Do you offer refunds?
A. Unfortunately, no.  We are paying our designers to bring you the best classes, and so we need to make sure that their content and ideas are protected and fairly compensated.
Q. If I subscribe for 6 months, can I cancel?
A. Yes you can cancel at any time.  Subscribing for 6 months offers you the benefit of not having to go through the subscription process again each month, but you can cancel in the middle of a 3 or 6 month subscription if you wish.
Q. Where do I find info on upcoming classes?
A. We will be posting that info as soon as it becomes available on both the Your Scrapbook Stash blog and the Stash to Treasure site.

Q. How long will the class content and videos  be available?
A. Classes will be available for 6 months.  This gives you plenty of time to order the kit and work through the class along with the teacher.  Classes will be marked 1 week before they are removed, so that you will have some warning that they are almost expired.  Remember, though, that your subscription must be current to view any class, even older ones.

Q. How much will the kits cost?
A. Kits will be priced according to what is in them.  We add up the retail value and then give you a small discount.  You can also use the store coupon codes when they are available.

Q. What types of projects/classes will be offered at Stash to Treasure?
A. You name it, it will be here.  From layouts and page kits, to altered items, to home decor, to mini albums, we will be offering the classes for it!  

Q. When will I be able to see the site?  I can't wait to get started!
A. The site is a brand new website created just for Stash to Treasure.  (Thanks to Alyssa's brother, Ryan Decker, for designing it for us!)  It is under construction, but is nearly ready and should be available sometime on October 1st.  Just as soon as it is live, we will post the URL here on the YSS blog.  Upgrades to the site will continue to happen throughout October, so you never know what new surprises you will find when you log in!  Certain parts of the site will be available to anyone, without a subscription.  But you will have to be a subscriber to see the class content.

Q. How does the subscription  process work?
A. After you subscribe via PayPal, you will receive an email with a generic password and your log-in information.  Once you log in for the first time, you will be able to change your password to anything you like that is easy for you to remember.  At the end of your subscription period, your access to the site will be removed unless you continue your subscription.

If you have other questions not answered here, please post them and I will answer them!
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