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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Still trying to choose....

Emails will go out today to ladies, stalk your inboxes. I've got some great people in the final 15!

For now, some new paper to make you smile.

Echo Park - Walk in the Park

This will arrive on Monday so get your orders in now! Their last line flew off our shelves so we made sure to order extra this time.

They even made their cute stickers even CUTER! Is that possible? Hey, when you're talking about tiny alphas, you get cute overload!

I'll post a fun sketch tomorrow!


lisaplus5 said...

i cannot wait to see who you choose!!!! I ABSOLUTELY adore the echo park papers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope to play with those in the future!!!

Susan said...

I just hope it stays in stock a while! I don't get paid till Wednesday and its killing me....I have so many things I NEED...ok want!

Leah the Orange said...

oooh, good luck everybody! *fingers crossed!*

the Echo Park kit is TOO cute! i love their little alphas, and how fab are those banners?!

i hope it stays in stock long enough for me to start getting paychecks again and grab me a kit! :D said...

Echo Park is very good about keeping items in stock. If we get low on an item we will reorder it from them. I get my orders in about 2 days so you never have to wait long!

Audra said...

LOVE Echo Park!! I can't wait to get my hands on these goodies!! :)