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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

a trio of ribbons

I feel like making my own 'embellishments' today.
Let's dig into our stash of ribbons/trims..... I know I have lots of them... a basket full! LOL

Gather 3 different types of ribbons. Try different textures ones.
Today, I chose a Maya Road Velvet, a string of pearls (from YSS Vintage Shoppe) and a Maya Road Gingham trim.

First cut the Maya Road Velvet Trim to a 2.5inch.
Then cut the pearl string a little longer than the velvet one. I let about 2 pearls length longer.

Then use the final (3rd ribbon)..... the Gingham one to tie it all up. Easy!
You can put a Prima Pearl centre in the middle of the trio.
But I like my simple today.

And I 'embellish' my LO as follows:
For this example, I used a green gingham......

Hope you like this quick and simple way to use your stash.
You can use any ribbons as long as they long matching to you. You can choose the colours you want...
the possibilities are endless. Have fun!


Carrie said...

Those are really pretty and I love your layout. YOur little one is so cute!

Liz Chidester said...

That is beautiful Wendy!!!
Love it!

LG said...

That is brilliant Wendy! Will surely try that!


caroline hancock said...

Love it, going to do this myself

april said...

Love your ribbon and pearl combos! Sweet layout too!