Sunday, August 23, 2009

August Guest Designer - Meghan

A little bit about you - where you're from, married, kids etc.

I am a NYC transplant now living in the Hudson Valley with my husband, Andrew and our two daughters, Brynne (6) and Catrina (4).  We live in a loving home that we share with our 2 dogs, cat, numerous fish, and one frog! (his name is Pickles). 


I'm happy to say that 2009 has been a great year for me in terms of getting myself noticed in the scrap world.  I have been published in the "Making Memories for You" Ezine, on, and Scapbook News and Reviews Magazine.  My guest spot at "Your Scrapbook Stash" is my first guest feature and I'm really honored to have been chosen.  I am also a published photographer (in 2 Schmap Guides.  these are online resources for travelers)

Favorite products or something you can't live without.

Definitely could not live without Prima Flowers!  I use them in almost every layout!  My tastes change based on seasons and since the weather is warm and bright, I am all about BRIGHT colors.  I would have to say that Cosmo Cricket has been my "go-to" paper when I need to make a dazzling layout (and no, I'm not saying that because my kit here has Cosmo in it!! LOL)

When are you most creative and why?  

Being a SAHM, I have access to my craft room anytime I feel the urge to create.  Luckily, my daughters LOVE being crafty too so I have a small table for them in my scrapbooking room so we have fun making a big mess together. 

Any other hobbies besides scrapbooking?  

YES. I am an avid amateur photographer.  I always have my camera around my neck.  

Describe your style.    

I'd say my style varies depending on what I am working with.  I like to mix styles.  I'm not a "vintage" person but I love to take elements of vintage looks, like ruffles, lace, ink, and apply it to a more contemporary look.  I'm not minimalist but sometimes I'll leave large open spaces while completely embellishing one area.  I'm all over the place!  I think it's important to not be locked into one look... I like to mix things up!

Messy or organized scrapper?  

Can I plead the 5th??  When I'm scrapping I'm a disaster.... stuff is everywhere!  Just yesterday I must have looked for my scissors for 2 whole minutes when I had just been holding them (they had fallen under the chair).  When I finish a project I do enjoy cleaning up and reorganizing everything.  Oh, and I do NOT throw out scraps.  I have a crazy system of organizing my scraps by size and color (solids in one box, patterns in another).  Yes, this is an illness I have.

Where do you create?  Do you have a room, corner, designated spot.  

Yes, I have a scrap room.  It's the spare bedroom in our house but there is no sleeping happening in there!!   forgive the mess!!!  That was me being crafty!

Favorite color combo.  If you ask me next week you'll get a different answer but I will say th

at I am LOVING Red & Yellow right now.  Red is probably the color I love to use the most with just about anything.

Favorite non -scrap related store to shop at. 

If $ were no object, I could max out at Pottery Barn.  I also love the super soft t-shirts at Abercrombie & Fitch (yes, a 30 something can find something age appropriate there!! LOL)


 3 Random things about you:  I'm left handed.....  I am the youngest child (and only daughter! so spoiled!)....  I have a BA in history that I will probably never use!

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