Monday, February 9, 2009

Onto the walls ...

I don't usually celebrate Valentine's day in a big way.
It is not a big thing on our calendar .
Don't get me wrong, we don't frown on anyone splurging to mark this special day.
That said, i'm one who prefers to take some time and make my own gift for that special somebody. Nothing elaborate, just something from the heart.
How about you, do you make, buy or not do anything for Valentine's ?

what else besides albums and cards do you make ?
We sure love to hear some ideas and get inspirations from you too!

here are some wall hanging decorations i spied in the gallery created by the designers:



Emeline's (That's me!) :

Using cardboard as a base, i covered it using pattern papers from Making Memorie.
The clips holds little stuffs.

here's another created - a wall hanging decoration.
I'll be back within the next 72 hours for a giveaway ....
so, Hang around , please... ! =)

PS : Do remember our Valentine's Week Special and Valentine's day contest
(ending 14/2) ! - check out the side bar ...


Kimmie said...

very nice...we dont celebrate Valentines day either

Evelien said...

awesome!!!! we also don't celebrate valentines day:-)

Erika M. said...

Those are neat projects! We don't really celebrate Valentine's in a big way - we'll have dinner and swap cards! I'd rather show love the whole year instead of celebrating just one day.

Carrie said...

Love these wall hangings. Not big into Valentines day but I love pink! said...

Not big into Valentines either, but this year I'm making my husband take me out to a nice romantic hockey game!