Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Send me an email if you are the one who posted the winning comment on the blog during Valentines week. See the post below.

If I don't hear from you by Friday, I'll pick another winner.

Just wanted to update some of you on the order process and some shipping changes.

USPS is having problems with the Zip Code on my credit card - after 2 years. So I'm having to manually address and mail each of your boxes. This means several trips to the Post Office. So, until I get this resolved, please bear with me.

Also, the USPS recently raised rates (again) and they are due to be raised again in May. I'm as unhappy as you are about this and it effects me as much as you. I try to offer free shipping and discounted shipping costs, but as they continue to raise their prices, I have to make the necessary adjustment.

So, I'm looking at Fedex for my shipping services. Their rates are lower or comparable so I will be able to keep the low shipping costs available. To my US customers anyway.

For my international customers, things are going to change again. Because of some issues with the First Class shipping, we will no longer offer this option beginning in March. Several boxes have gone missing and the USPS claims they cannot track First Class once it leaves the US. I have had to issue refunds but am unable to claim the packages as missing to get a refund from USPS. So, its been hairy all the way around with them and the First Class packages. Therefore, I'm returning to the Priority Shipping only. Its more expensive but I can track and get a refund if need be. Until I find a better way to get packages mailed internationally, this is my only option at this point.

If anyone has any questions regarding the changes taking place March 1st, please email me at


Joyce McCall said...

Well, I just stumbled on your comment on a post on my site. Bummer, I missed the deadline. Regular email would have been seen by me sooner. Maybe I didn't leave my email with my original comment on your post? Oh well. Maybe some other time.