Thursday, February 2, 2012

CHA Part 3

Let me preface this post by saying that I'm very glad I'm not buying for the store this year.  Why?  Because there were very few lines that actually blew me away.  Lines that screamed to be bought.  Lines that I would feel comfortable saying 'give me everything' and stocking in the store.  Were their lines I loved?  Of course.  And there were lines that I won't be able to get enough of.  But not enough for me to stock a store.

I see more oversaturation in the industry again.  Washi tape?  You can find that in a LOT of lines this time around.  Some patterns have been done and others were new.  Bakers Twine.  Don't get me wrong, I love my stash of twines but now companies are making it to 'match' their lines.   I loved the companies that stepped away from their normal designs and went with something bold.  Like Basic Grey.

I never have been a huge fan of BG and they've been around a long time.  Usually there is one line every year that I find myself wanting a piece of but for the most part, I just don't work with their papers.  And then something like Lime Rickey crosses my path.  Or Wander.  And now they have 2 lines that I absolutely love.  PB&J and What's Up.

 I'm in love with these canvas pieces.

 And these really cool LARGE chipboard monograms.

Heidi Swapp - I've seen a lot of talk on the message boards about how retro and throwback her line is.  Let me tell you - it is!  But its a cool throwback.  She has so many fun elements to her lines that make it cool.  Her file folders, stickers and of course, the resist papers.

 These packages come with the cute sticker sayings and the poloroid frames.
 These trims are made out of a plastic paper.  So it holds up on pages and can be altered.  In one booth sample, they showed how they used a heat gun to curl the fringe.
 I know these are so 80's but I love stars.
 Resist file folders.

 Resist sticker letters.

 This is one of the resist folders with the spray mists from Tattered Angels.
 Inside the file folder there is a set of the half folders, mini notebook and several items from her lines.  You can also see how her label stickers are designed to fit the tabs on her folders.
 And you can see how the fringe looks when a heat gun is used on it.

 These are the file folder tab labels.
 And the resist alphas with color.
 These are pre-layered file tabs.

Remember the shaped notes we used to send in grade school?  They're back!

And Echo Park.  They can do no wrong in my eyes.  They were one of the only companies that truly blew my mind.  Colors.  Patterns.  Everything.

And Epiphany Crafts.  I just love the tools I have.  I use my button and star tool often.  They have a new banner tool that looks cool and since I'm finding myself using the tools more, I might stock up on additional shapes.

Oh and its pretty cool seeing a familiar face in the booth.  Hi Mandy!

I have so many more things to share but I'll give them to you in small doses this week.