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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Post-Valentines Technique!

Happy belated Valentines Day everyone!

I kinda went a little crazy making some valentine themed LOs last month. Saying I had fun is an understatement. Seriously, I had a blast. You know when you just sit and scrap and zone out. That's what happened to me. I created 3 LO's that I am oh so happy about. One of them is this one below. It is a picture of my beautiful daughter last year for Father and Daughter Dance.

We did something a little different this month with regards to our DT kits. We got to pick our own products. Woot! I knew I wanted to scrap these pics so of course I was more than happy to get the FABULOUS lines from Glitz. I had to! It went perfectly with the pictures. And while creating this page I used one of my techniques I use once in a while to create dimension on my pages. Something very simple but oh so effective.

F&D Dance 2010

Here is a closer look at the technique I mentioned. As you can see it is a cut out of the flower from the pattern paper. Because it has a ton of layers it is perfect for this technique. Pick out a couple or in this case as many layers of the flowers and just cut a small part of the tip. Be careful not to cut all the way. Remember just a tiny part of it so you can fold it. What you are trying to make is the effect that the layers of the flowers are 3d but they are not. You don't even need a pop dot for this just a bit of tweaking and folding.

Here's the other flower. As you can see on this one the flower tips are not pointed. They are a bit rounded. But no prob it still works the same way. I hope you guys can see or understand what I was trying to explain and try if for yourself.

I had so much fun with this LO and playing around with some techniques. I cant wait to see what you guys make. Don't forget to share it with us on the gallery.

Michelle M.


Bente Fagerberg said...

This is lovely Michelle. Great way to add dimension! Tfs!