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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Flower tutorial with the retro punch flower.

While creating with my new kit I wanted to find an embellishment that would add some extra dimension.

I was standing there with my rather flat retro-flowers and thought I would make something similar to the flowers I used on my BG Marjolaine layout. I tried different things and ended up with a flower that I liked a lot and that was very easy to make.

I took a few photos to show the easy steps. If you want to you can see the whole layout in the DTgallery.

Sorry about the paint-stained grubby!

I believe the photos are self-explanatory.

When the glue is dry it you can embellish the flower with a tiny flower-center or a button that goes with the colours in your layout.

I promise ; it is very easy and adds a lot to your layout!

Thanks for now!

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