Thursday, October 22, 2009

Need some fresh mojo

Many times when I scrap and I feel a little low on mojo, I turned to the tried and tested design theory. The "VISUAL TRIANGLE"........ Honestly this is real simple and you can add layers or more stuff. New scrappers find this easy to follow while 'seasoned' scrappers needs to go back to this simple rule sometimes.

What is a visual triangle?This means placing the elements in a triangle around the layout. It creates a virtual boundary for the eye, linking all the layout elements together. That's why some LOs looks so balanced and well put together.

Here are some I did:
See the 3 circle yellow elements. They pull the whole LO into the centre.

See the colour RED in the alphas "Antiques"....... in the vintage metal frame (a piece of red CS) and the RED blings at the top left. Using colour in a visual triangle helps too.

Here is another using all hand made flowers. See where I placed them. They formed a triangle.

Here is my fav, using different elements but the colours BLACK to form a triangle. See the black alpha (HAVING), Black butterfly transparency and a little black CS to back the bird at the top left.

So the fun part is you can use the same elements (like flowers) or colours and same shaped elements to form your visual triangle. Have fun!


Carrie said...

Thanks for the reminder. I will have to break out my supplies and make sure to start my next layout this way!

Tinkerbell said...

Yes, this is my golden rule in scrapping! Thanks for the additional explanations with live examples.